March 2021

Face of Derby rapist now jailed for two decades

This Derby rapist filmed himself subjecting a woman to a horrific and brutal three-hour ordeal of sexual assaults.

Matthew Hemmings used a variety of sex toys on the homeless woman who he handcuffed, trussed up, humiliated and degraded at his city centre flat.

The 41-year-old filmed her while in a doorway of a shop before inviting her into the flat

He later told police “I worry about myself sometimes” when they discovered his hideous recordings of the disgusting abuse.

The prosecutor at Derby Crown Court called the case “the most extreme rape” he had ever dealt with in court.

And even the defendant’s own barrister described what his client did as “a catalogue of horrors”.

Jailing Hemmings for 20 years and six months, Judge Nirmal Shant QC, Derby’s most senior judge, said: “In every way possible you humiliated her and recorded what you were doing to her over a prolonged period of some three hours.

“You targeted her because she was vulnerable, approaching her she lay in the doorway of a shop and enticing her back to your flat.

“(There) you had laid out sex toys and outfits on your bed your had bought from Amazon.

“She was vulnerable and a heavy Mamba user and once inside your flat you took photos of her and recorded her.

“You raped and sexually assaulted her while she was helpless. There was a pause and you re-emerged in a full face mask and with a machete.

“Mercifully you did not use it on her, but one cannot imagine how frightening an incident this was.”

James Varley, prosecuting, said the sex attacks took place at the defendant’s flat, in Carrington Street, on November 24.

He said Hemmings filmed the woman as she lay in the doorway of a city centre shop and then coaxed her to his address with the promise of warmth and shelter.

Mr Varley then went on to describe some of the acts he forced her to do for him and on him while he recorded and photographed it.

Most are too shocking for publication.

He said: “I would say this is the most extreme rape I have ever prosecuted, it was an ordeal that went on for three hours.

“After his arrest the defendant even told the police ‘I worry about myself sometimes’. It was clearly degrading, it was prolonged, he filmed it and violence was threatened.

“It involved a number of sex toys which he had laid out on a bed and on his own account she was particularly vulnerable.”

Mr Varley said at one stage the victim had handcuffs put on her from behind by Hemmings, after encouraging her to smoke more drugs.

He said: “She was incapacitated, that must have been terrifying, he used her as he pleased.”

Mr Varley said at the end of the poor woman’s ordeal, the defendant let her out in the street where she was found by a support worker “walking around in circles crying”.

Hemmings was arrested and the videos he made of his sex attacks were discovered by the police.

He told them the victim was “compliant throughout”. But he later pleaded guilty to rape and sexual assault.

His victim was found wandering the streets in tears soon after.

The victim is afforded lifetime anonymity.

Hemmings’ sentence is made up of a minimum of 13-and-a-half years custody and an extended licence of a further seven years.

He will be on the sex offender register for life.