March 2021

Glasgow paedophile hunting group sting perv at Buchanan bus station

A pervert believed he was chatting to a 14-year-old girl when he asked her to stay at his flat and wear a school uniform.

Matthew Stone was instead talking to a paedo hunting group posing as the teenager from Glasgow between August and September 2019.

The 42-year-old also gave instructions on how the girl could perform a sex act on herself during the chats.

Stone pleaded guilty on Monday at Glasgow Sheriff Court to sending written sexual communication to an adult pretending to be a child.

He also admitted intentionally attempt to have a child participate in sexual activity and intending to meet a child to engage in unlawful sexual behaviour.

The court heard Stone, of Motherwell, contacted the “decoy” randomly on Facebook.

The individual told Stone her age and asked if it was okay to be speaking to him.

Stone replied: “As long as it’s okay with you.”

He went on to send a total of 534 messages to the decoy through text messages and WhatsApp

Prosecutor John Bedford said: “During the contact, Stone said he wanted to see and for her to come to his house.

“He offered her to stay at his flat and that he would buy her a new phone.

“He said he would let her have some wine and not to tell her mum as he did not want her getting drunk and sick.

“He asked her to bring her school uniform without her mum knowing and that she was to say she is 17 when in his company.”

Stone was snared by the group at Glasgow’s Buchanan Bus Station where he was later arrested by police.

Sentence was deferred until next month for background reports by Sheriff Joan Kerr.

Stone was put on the sex offenders register indefinitely and granted bail meantime.