January 2017

‘Devil-worshipper’ jailed for nine years for locking teen in Islington flat and subjecting her to ‘harrowing’ rape

A self-proclaimed “devil-worshipper” who locked a teenager in his flat and raped her in a “prolonged and harrowing” attack has been jailed for nine years.

Pedro Evangelou, from Islington, took the 19-year-old back to his flat after meeting her in a nightclub in Angel.

He then raped and sexually assaulted her – keeping her locked in his home until she managed to escape by calling for help through a window.

Evangelou, 42, had gone to the Slimelight nightclub on June 4 on his Harley Davidson motorbike and told police he had taken an extra helmet “in case he met someone”.

In the early hours of the following morning, Evangelou – who describes himself as a Luciferian – drove the victim back to his flat on Pembroke Street, which has a room devoted to Satan.

To prevent his terrified victim from escaping Evangelou put a plank of wood across a door to lock it.

After the horrific assault the woman found a window and mouthed “help, phone police” to a passing member of the public. She then managed to escape and ran out onto the street where police and bystanders helped her.

Evangelou was arrested at the scene.

He claimed throughout his interview, and the trial, that the sexual activity was consensual but he was found guilty of rape and sexual assault in November.

He was sentenced on Friday, 20 January to nine years for rape and one year in prison for sexual assault.

The sentences will run concurrently.