March 2021

Paedophile caught watching Babestation while babysitting boys after befriending parents at shop

A convicted paedophile watched Babestation while babysitting two boys after befriending parents at the shop he worked at.

Barry Reddish had already been jailed for gross indecency and indecent assault against young boys in 1992 and 1998

The 52-year-old was further jailed in November 2005 for breaching a sexual harm prevention order that had been imposed.

South Yorkshire Police launched an investigation into Reddish after he began working at a convenience store in Brampton and had become known to children and their parents.

Sheffield Crown Court was told one of those parents asked him to look after her young son.

Reddish did so and spent the night at her home looking after her son and his friend who was of a similar age.

Prosecutor Simon Reevell told the court Reddish allowed the boys to stay up until 1am and when they headed downstairs for some food, they found the convicted sex offender watching Babestation.

Reddish, of Roughwood Road, Rotherham, was again asked to babysit for the same boy and another friend too.

This time he looked after the boys for two nights as all three of them slept in the living room and had McDonald’s.

The Recorder David Kelly said Reddish’s babysitting was a “flagrant breach” and that the persistence of the offending made it even worse.

He was sentenced to three years in prison having admitted two counts of breaching a sexual harm prevention order.