Update: Clifton was sentenced to 18 years and the judge extended the jail sentence by five years and said Clifton cannot be considered for parole until 2024 at the earliest – and even then he will not be released until the authorities think it safe.

September 2015

Floyd Clifton, brother of double murderer Brett Clifton, guilty of raping student

The brother of a double murderer raped a student in her bed then issued a blood-curdling threat to her flatmates warning them to “Google me – see what I’m capable of”.

Floyd Clifton has been unanimously found guilty of attacking the 22-year-old after tagging along with her friends on a night out in Canterbury.

A jury heard how Clifton had a record dating back to 2000 for crimes including burglaries, robbery, witness intimidation, threats to kill and kidnapping.

They were told how, when arrested, the 29-year-old had joked to police officers: “Rape? That’s me going back to Elmley Prison then.”

Clifton had latched on to a group of young students who were enjoying a party in a city centre pub.

Deciding they were drunk, the group had hailed a taxi to head home – with Clifton jumping in with them.

Back at their flat Clifton helped carry the victim’s friend to bed before joining her in her own bedroom.

The jury was told Clifton, of Gordon Road, Canterbury, had left the room and the victim had fallen asleep.

“I woke up sometime later and he was on top of me. He was having sex with me,” she said. “I pushed him off me. I then jumped up and put some pyjama bottoms on. I started screaming.”

She alerted her fellow students and Clifton became defensive, claiming he had done nothing wrong.

“I was really upset, crying and hysterical. I just wanted him out of my house,” she said. “He told us: ‘Google me, see what I am capable of’ ”.

Clifton later admitted to the jury that he wanted the students to see stories of his brother Brett, 31, who is serving time for a double murder in Faversham nine years ago, to prove who he was.

The jury was told Clifton had a criminal record of 24 convictions dating back more than a decade

He will be sentenced in October and was remanded in custody.

After the verdict was announced Judge James O’Mahony said: “I am completely sure that blood-curdling threats were made and it is perfectly clear to me that there is every reason to think that this defendant is extremely dangerous. He stalked these girls and laid in wait.”