March 2021

Teenage girl living in ‘constant nightmare’ after Sheffield man shared private sexual pictures

An offender has narrowly been spared from jail after he shared private sexual pictures relating to a teenage girl.

Sheffield Crown Court heard on March 22 how Nathan Rodgers, aged 20, of Booth Road, High Green, Sheffield, admitted making a category C indecent image, distributing that indecent image and disclosing private sexual pictures.

Nicola Quinney, prosecuting, said the photo and the disclosing of private sexual images relate to the complainant who told her mother the defendant had threatened to share two photos.

Ms Quinney added the first photo had been taken as a screenshot without the knowledge of the complainant while she and the defendant had been engaged in a video chat after she had been in the shower.

The second image disclosed featured another female’s genitals, according to Ms Quinney, which Rodgers purported to have been an image of the complainant.

Ms Quinney said Rodgers also made a fake social media profile pretending to be the complainant which contained images and sexual messages which triggered offensive comments.

The complainant stated she feels like she has been in a “constant nightmare” and her mental health has suffered.

Recorder David Kelly told Rodgers he was clearly very immature and fortunately he has no previous convictions.

He sentenced Rodgers to eight months of custody suspended for 18 months with a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement and a five-year restraining order.