March 2021

‘My house, my rules’: Sheffield sex offender’s chilling threat before headbutting girl and pulling down her leggings in horror attack

A jailed sex-offender told a judge he needs help and does not think he should go to prison after he assaulted a teenage girl.

Sheffield Crown Court heard on March 25 how Bobby Renshaw, aged 23, of Burngreave Road, Burngreave, Sheffield, was given a custodial sentence after he admitted assaulting the teenager in his home.

Mr Justice Martin Spencer told Renshaw: “You took advantage of her presence making sexual advances towards her which weren’t welcome.”

Prosecuting barrister James Baird said the girl, who was 16-years-old at the time, had been a friend of Renshaw’s and had visited his home to watch TV in May, 2019.

But Renshaw tried kissing and biting the complainant’s neck, according to Mr Baird, and he tried to put his hand down her leggings.

Mr Baird said Renshaw told the complainant when he wanted something he gets it and also said “my house my rules” after saying by the end of the night he would be “doing ten years”.

The complainant said Renshaw tried to pin her down and as his dog was pushed away he headbutted her and grabbed her hair.

Mr Baird added that as the defendant continued trying to pull the complainant’s leggings down he began masturbating and ejaculated on her t-shirt.

The complainant, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, stated she has since struggled with her mental health and with anxiety and she feels nervous around people she does not know.

Mr Justice Spencer told Renshaw: “A message needs to go out that young girls need to be respected and when they say ‘no’ that should be accepted and despite Mr Barradell’s able submissions on your behalf I take the view it is not possible to avoid a custodial sentence.”

He sentenced Renshaw, who has previous convictions, to six months of custody.

Renshaw said: “I know I did wrong and I know I should respect women but I don’t think I should go to prison. I need help. No one has ever tried to help me.”

Last year, Renshaw was caught with 7.25grammes of the drug ‘spice’ outside the B&M store in Doncaster town centre.