March 2021

Ellesmere Port sex offender admits breaching order

A registered sex offender living in Ellesmere Port has admitted breaching the terms of his Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Gary Hunter, 30, of Hawthorn Road, Little Sutton, admitted a total of seven charges when he appeared at Chester Magistrates Court on Tuesday, March 30.

The defendant had previously been jailed in January 2018 for 32 months after admitting four counts of inciting underage girls to engage in sexual activity.

Prosecuting, Alan Currums said Hunter was a convicted sex offender and was made the subject of an SHPO, which included a condition not to use a device capable of accessing the internet without informing police beforehand, and not to delete internet history.

An officer made an unannounced home visit at Hunter’s address on February 13 and saw Hunter had an Alcatel mobile phone, which police were not aware of.

Hunter said he had had the phone for about a month, having recently come out of prison.

The Google Chrome history on the phone looked incomplete, only showing the last day, with evidence the rest of it had been deleted.

Hunter explained he had been viewing adult pornography and didn’t want an officer to see he had been looking at it.

Hunter also accepted he did not send the phone to police when he first got it, and accepted using the phone in ‘incognito mode’, which did not save internet history.

The phone was capable of storing images, and again, Hunter should have notified police of this.

The defendant had also admitted a charge of using the phone to access internet chat rooms which were capable of making contact with females aged under 16.

However, Mr Currums said it was accepted that there was no evidence of Hunter using the device to commit further offences, but the deletion of internet history made it “difficult for the police to police what he was searching”.

Defending, Steven Alis said while there were a number of offences, they were all committed in a short space of time.

It was accepted the case would need to be adjourned, so requested a pre-sentence report for Hunter to be obtained in that time.

Magistrates agreed the case was too serious to be dealt with by them and the case was adjourned to Chester Crown Court on April 27.