March 2021

Sick discovery in bedside table of Hull paedophile who raped toddler

A dangerous Hull paedophile recorded his sickening sex attacks on children in videos he stored in his bedside table.

The crimes of Graham Marsden, of Dodthorpe, Orchard Park, were uncovered after the mother of a toddler he raped noticed injuries on her daughter’s body.

Hull Crown Court heard how 45-year-old Marsden took pictures of the sexual abuse he committed on the child, which police found on a device by his bed.

It was also revealed in court that back in 2014 Marsden was accused of sexually assaulting another, older girl over a two-year period.

She found the courage to tell others what Marsden had been doing to her but felt pressured into withdrawing her allegations after he branded her a liar, the court heard.

“You were outraged at being accused by her,” said Recorder Sandiford QC. “You knew she was speaking the truth. She withdrew her complaint against you feeling pressured.

“As far as she is concerned your lies must have greatly increased her pain of what you had done to her. She was a child and you were an adult and you knew the damage that was caused.

“You alone were responsible for your actions to abuse her and she must not think that she is the first child who finds herself coming under such pressure as she did to withdraw her truthful allegations.

“It is something this court sees again and again. She is not to blame for what happened thereafter.”

Over the following years Marsden amassed a collection of indecent images of children, up to 13,000 in total, the court heard.

Stored on devices that were found in his bedside table, police found 513 category A images, the worst of their kind in terms of the content of the images.

Some of the images Marsden had on his devices included pictures he had taken himself of the sexual assaults he had committed on his second victim.

Recorder Sandiford QC said: “By January 2021, your offending had escalated with disturbing similarities to some of the images you had an interest in.”

The court heard that Marsden’s crimes had come to light after the mother of a toddler noticed a sore red area on her body. The toddler even demonstrated on a doll where he had abused her, saying “that’s where he hurt me”.

The girl also revealed that Marsden took photographs as he sexually abused her and later told police: “He is bad”.

Marsden’s DNA was later found on the girl’s pants, prosecuting barrister Richard Thompson revealed to the court.

He originally denied the offences against both victims, but pleaded guilty to assault by penetration of a child under the age of 13 when he appeared at Hull Crown Court for the first time.

On Monday, March 29, he appeared in court via video link to be sentenced for nine sexual offences against children, which included four counts of sexual assault, one count of taking indecent images of children and three counts of making indecent images of children, as well as the rape of a child under the age of 13.

“She has become an extremely anxious and scared little girl,” said Recorder Sandiford QC, referring to Marsden’s youngest victim. “She has disturbed sleep and has tantrums about five to six times a day.

“You seek to blame these offences on voices in your head, although there is no evidence you are suffering from a psychiatric illness.

“You deny having any sexual interest or gratification from what you have done. I’m afraid the view I take is that you are simply seeking to avoid what is obvious, in that you have a sexual interest in very young children.”

Marsden will serve up to 17 years in prison before he is considered for parole and could serve an extended sentence of three years in custody if he is still deemed as a danger to members of the public.

Once he is released, he must adhere to the terms of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for life and will forever be registered as a sex offender.