April 2021

Pervert from Folkestone Road, Dover jailed for downloading thousands of indecent images of children

A pervert who argued depression and anxiety led to him downloading thousands of indecent images of children has been jailed.

Graham Pitcairn had received a suspended prison sentence in 2008 for “similar offences”, Canterbury Crown Court heard.

But in 2019 the retail worker was found to be hoarding more than 3,000 still and 64 moving images ranging from the worst, category A, to category C.

Devices discovered in the 46-year-old’s home contained a number of videos showing children being abused.

The court heard Pitcairn, of Folkestone Road, Dover, told officers he was attracted to children and handed over a laptop and two memory sticks when they attended his home following a tip-off.

James Benson, prosecuting, explained Pitcairn used the dark web via proxy servers to access the material.

“He felt it had become an addiction and it had helped his depression,” he said.

Pitcairn kept his eyes on the floor, not once looking up as Mr Benson delivered the prosecution’s case.

The barrister highlighted aggravating features including some children being as young as four and the illicit material being downloaded and stored.

He also had a previous (criminal) record for similar offences and possessed a “high volume of images”, he added.

The pervert had 481 category A images, 1,044 category B and 1,837 category C when he was arrested in May 2019.

Judge Simon James ordered the devices be destroyed before jailing Pitcairn for 15 months.

“You were placed on an intense three-year sexual offenders’ programme (after your previous conviction). It seemed that it failed to address your underlying issues with thousands of indecent images being received from our computer,” he said.