Blackburn sex offender violently attack his partner

A sex offender violently attacked his partner when she told him she didn’t want to stay for the night.

Kevin Hodson grabbed his girlfriend by the throat and squeezed before scratching her face until it bled. He then grabbed a knife and threatened to plunge it into her stomach after he became aware that she had called her mother for help.

Preston Crown Court heard how the pair had entered into a relationship following the death of the victim’s partner, who was friends with Hodson and it was heard how all was well with the relationship at the start.

But soon Hodson’s controlling nature began to show.

Sentencing the 60-year-old, of Pine Street, Blackburn, for assault occasioning actual bodily hard, Judge Phillip Parry said: “You and she had known each other for quite some time but had only been partners since the summer. She describes a worrying deterioration in your relationship, and she became fearful of your behaviour toward her.

“On that day she attended your home at around 4.10pm and almost immediately you became aggressive towards her and that was because she simply told you she wasn’t staying over.

“It didn’t take long at all for you to turn violent towards her. You grabbed her by her hair and then put your hands around her throat and squeezed her neck.

“You told her, rather chillingly to me, that she had made a ‘big mistake’. You scratched her face causing her nose to bleed and caused injury to her hands.

“She was able to call her mother for help and while the phone line was open, her mother heard threats being made. You told her she had to call her mother back and tell her to stand the police down or you would put a knife into her stomach.

“You went and got that knife. This must have been utterly petrifying for this woman, who by then had already had her throat squeezed by you and you had already assaulted her.

“You knew by then that the police were on their way and again rather chillingly you told her that if police came into the property, she was ‘getting that’ – at which you brandished the knife towards her stomach.”

Officers did arrive at the address and Hodson was arrested.

The court heard how he has previous convictions for offences of a sexual nature.

Judge Parry added: “In your frame of mind, a red mist had descended. I have no doubt you had intended to cause more serious harm than luckily you did.

“This must have been an utterly terrifying incident.”

Hodson was jailed for 12 months.