April 2021

Lurgan Paedophile who refused to take part in programme to stop him re-offending is jailed

A 74-year-old paedophile who has refused to engage with probation in a programme of work designed to reduce his re-offending has been jailed again today.

Patrick Dermot Doran turned down the one last chance offered by Craigavon Crown Court Judge Donna McColgan QC to undertake the Horizon Programme, even on a one to one basis.

Doran, originally from Lurgan, but who has been living in a probation approved address in Belfast, had complained of having to live in the city and of wanting to return to Co Armagh, as well as of having to take part in the programme with others.

Defence Counsel Joel Lindsay, who thanked Judge McColgan for the offer of the chance to re-engage, said this had always proved a problem with his client, jailed in 2017 for a multitude of historic indecent assaults on a male.

A probation officer in turn explained that last December the pensioner had said he was not prepared to engage in any organised programme of rehabilitation, even if it was specially set up to be carried out one to one, as opposed to group therapy sessions.

Initially Doran appeared to accept the offer from Judge McColgan, particularly after his lawyers agreed to help find him approved accommodation away from Belfast. However, on hearing the probation organised course would run for more than 20 weeks, Doran asked to be re-sentenced.

Judge McColgan told Doran she was prepared to give him one last chance to engage with probation as being the best way forward, but that his refusal had left her with no other choice.

Doran was ordered to be returned to jail for another 18 months.