March 2021

Peter Barney breached Sexual Harm Prevention Order

Peter Barney appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court on March 17 and was sentenced to 21 months in prison for an offence of breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Barney was previously sentenced in March 2013 to three years in prison for an offence of assault by penetration and was made the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order for an indefinite period.

The offence had been committed while he was carrying out work as a gardener and the order imposed by the court stated that he could not be alone in the course of his employment with any female not related to him in any property or garden.

On March 11 last year a woman was alone at her Wimborne home when Barney, aged 59, of Verwood Road, knocked on the front door and asked if she wanted any gardening work done.

As they spoke in the porch and the front garden, initially the woman did not recognise him but she came to realise that she did know him and had been made aware previously of the order he was subject to.

She said that during their interaction Barney made her feel very uncomfortable and made comments about her ‘beautiful eyes’.

As the woman went to call her husband, Barney left her garden and she heard a vehicle drive away.

The victim reported the matter to police and Barney was arrested the following day.

At court he admitted breaching the order, but denied making a comment about her eyes and claimed much of the interaction took place on the pavement outside her property rather than in her garden.

After hearing evidence, a judge dismissed Barney’s version of events in favour of the victim’s account.

At sentencing, Barney was also made subject to a new Sexual Harm Prevention Order and a restraining order was put in place to protect the victim. Both orders will run until further notice.