May 2021

‘Sweaty’ Scots paedo jailed for 10 months

A sweaty Dundee paedo has been jailed for ten months after social workers blasted him as “unmanageable” when he twice breached bail conditions.

Even William Meek’s own solicitor said the report on his client was one of the worst he had seen in 30 years as a practising court lawyer.

Meek, of Polepark Road, Dundee, had originally been freed into the community after a paedo hunter group exposed him for trying to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard previously how Meek began “sweating profusely” when he realised he had been duped in an elaborate sting operation.

The 48-year-old was rushed to hospital with heart palpitations after being confronted.

He previously admitted grooming and two months ago was placed on the Sex Offenders Register and placed under supervision for three years.

He was also made the subject of a conduct requirement placing severe restrictions on his use of the internet and social network applications.

But he was back in the dock today after it was found he broke bail conditions just within days of his release from court.

Sheriff Alistair Carmichael recalled the original order against Meek and jailed him for ten months, after telling him he couldn’t be trusted in the community.

Meek admitted two charges of breaching bail – including trying to hide a secret phone down a sofa in front of police officers.

Solicitor Douglas Thomson, defending, said: “It seems clear he is a man who has had the opportunity to misbehave.”

Earlier this year, the court heard Meek had arranged to meet ‘Paige’ who he believed to be a 13-year-old girl he had met through the Tagged app, at the Seagate bus station in Dundee.

He told the teen he would bring condoms so they could have sex but was unaware her profile had been set up as a trap by Groom Resisters Scotland.

Instead of the underage youngster Meek was confronted by an adult couple who live streamed the meeting and his confession on the internet.

Fiscal depute Gavin Burton told the court: “Tagged is an online dating and chat app. The group set up a profile in the name Paige.

“An image of a young female was posted with a mobile number.”

Shortly after it was set up, a message arrived from Meek, who admitted he was 47.

‘Paige’ told him she was 13, and lived with her mum in Perth.

She repeated her age several times but it did not deter Meek from engaging in sexual conversation with her.

Meek suggested meeting for dinner and to have a “kiss and cuddle” and told her to lie to her mother so she could come to his home and stay with him.

“He told her to say she was staying with a friend. He said they could have a full-on relationship.”

Meek told her: “A full-on relationship is when you have sex and make a baby together.”

However, when ‘Paige’ said she was worried about getting pregnant, Meek told her that he had condoms and would bring them with him when they met.

He told her it would be “proper love” and said her mother “would not know if they were to make love which was part of growing up.”

Meek was waiting at the bus station when he was confronted and filmed by the duo from the vigilante group and initially denied he planned to meet a child for sex.

“When he was challenged he accepted he was there to meet her and that it was wrong,” Mr Burton told the court. “

He said he suffered heart palpitations.

“Police were called and shown the messages. The accused was sweating profusely. He told them he had a heart condition and suffered from palpitations.

“An ambulance was summoned and he was taken to Ninewells Hospital.” He was later released and arrested.

Meek admitted that between 7 and 14 July 2019 he sent written sexual communications to a person he believed to be a child.

He admitted that on 14 July he travelled to Seagate Bus Station with the intention of meeting a child and engaging in unlawful sexual activity.

March 2021

Sweat-soaked Dundee pervert was rushed to Ninewells after paedo hunter confrontation

A man who travelled to Dundee’s bus station in the hope of having sex with a child, only to be stung by paedo hunters, has been spared a prison sentence.

William Meek thought he had been exchanging social media messages with a girl called Paige in July 2019.

Using Tagged and WhatsApp, the 48-year-old had sent numerous messages to the person, who he thought was a 13-year-old, including asking if she wanted to “make love”.

However, Meek was unaware he was actually speaking to a man from Groom Resisters Scotland, a group which aims to weed out adults trying to meet children for sexual activity.

A sweat-soaked Meek had to be rushed to Ninewells Hospital after he claimed to be having heart palpitations while being confronted by the group. The incident was live-streamed and chat logs were handed over to the police.

Meek, of Polepark Road, Dundee, was placed on a community payback order after previously pleading guilty at Dundee Sheriff Court to trying to meet a child for sexual activity and communicating indecently.

Meek, who has learning difficulties, also admitted breaching his bail conditions by having multiple electronic devices capable of accessing the internet.

Prosecutor Gavin Burton said Meek initially sent a message to the child’s fake profile on Tagged asking if she would like to meet.

He later encouraged the girl to lie to her mother about staying with a friend so that they could have a “kiss and cuddle”.

Mr Burton previously told the court: “The accused said that he wanted a full-on relationship.

“The accused said that a full-on relationship is when you have sex and make a baby together.

“The accused sent a series of messages saying that she would not get in trouble and would be safe with him.

“He said that her mother would not know.”

Members of Groom Resisters Scotland caught up with Meek at around 8pm on July 14 where he initially denied arranging to meet a child, but later admitted that he was, adding that it was “wrong.”

Meek was later taken to hospital following his heart complaints and was arrested after being discharged at 11.35pm.

After initially being released on bail, two separate police visits found Meek was in possession of devices when he was not supposed to be. He tried to hide a phone in an armchair after one visit.

Meek pled guilty on indictment to attempting to communicate indecently with a child he believed was called Paige through social media messaging between July 7 and 14 2019.

On July 14 2019, Meek travelled to Seagate bus station with the intention of meeting a child and engaging in unlawful sexual activity.

He also admitted possessing the devices at addresses at his home and at an address on Orchardgate, Cupar, in November 2019 and July 2020 respectively.

Solicitor Douglas Thomson said: “Since his release from a period on remand he has kept himself free from any similar offending. He’s been very isolated in the community and he needs structure in his life.”

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael imposed a three-year order on Meek comprising of supervision, mental health treatment and a number of restrictions on his internet usage.

He told Meek: “It’s very serious stuff. All of what you did was very bad. In these very unusual circumstances, I am going to go down the route of imposing a community payback order.”

Meek was also placed on the sex offenders register for three years.