April 2021

Man jailed after dismembering woman above Exeter kebab shop

A man has been jailed for life for murdering and dismembering a woman above a kebab shop.

Azam Mangori, 24, killed Lorraine Cox, 32, in his room above a fastfood takeaway in Exeter city centre in September last year

A pathologist was unable to determine a cause of Ms Cox’s death due to the length of time between her murder and remains being found. She could have been suffocated as the T-shirt she had been wearing was found in her mouth.

Mangori cut up her body over the course of a week and disposed of her clothing and possessions in bins and woodland.

Today (April 7), Mangori was sentenced to life in imprisonment with a minimum term of 20 years.

After murdering Ms Cox, Mangori used her SIM card in his mobile phone to pretend she was alive and well to family and friends. They reported her missing to the police.

Following a four-week trial at Exeter Crown Court, Mangori, of no fixed address, was convicted of murder by a jury after six hours of deliberations.

He had previously admitted a separate charge of preventing Ms Cox’s lawful burial.

Prosecutor Simon Laws QC told the court the defendant had a “morbid interest in amputation” and days before and after the murder had looked at images relating to the subject.

Mr Laws said: “Given the dates he viewed this material, you may think it is clear he was interested in the topic before he had any need for information.

“He did not have the dead body of Lorraine Cox in his room until a couple of days later. When he did, he performed a neat and professional amputation of her limbs.”

“You will no doubt want to consider whether it was this interest that may have motivated him to commit this murder,” he said.

Mangori purchased items to dispose of Miss Cox’s body over a number of days, including a trowel after viewing a website entitled: “How to dig a grave by hand.”