April 2021

Aberdeen student found guilty of raping woman he dragged off street

A 23-year-old man has been convicted of raping a woman after snatching her off the street and dragging her into a block of flats in Aberdeen.

Callum Duncan pulled the woman by her hair to a communal landing before carrying out the sex attack.

Duncan’s victim had been on a night out in the city, where she previously lived while a student.

She was returning alone to a friend’s flat in the early hours of 30 March 2019 when he struck.

The woman told the High Court in Edinburgh that Duncan tried to engage her in conversation in the city’s Raeburn Place before becoming aggressive.

Speaking via a video link to the court, she said: “Before I knew it, I was being pulled upstairs.

“I think I kind of kicked back a bit to try to get free, but very quickly I realised there was a big difference between our strengths.”

She added: “The next thing I remember I am on the floor and I am aware he is holding my hair. I would have been on my hands and knees on the floor.”

Following the rape, Duncan carried out another sex attack on the woman before she managed to grab her belongings and run downstairs.

The victim, who is now aged 25, later arrived at her friend’s flat in a distressed state and police were alerted.

Duncan, who was in his final year of a master’s degree in engineering at Aberdeen University at the time, had denied abducting and raping the woman.

He claimed he had consensual sex with the woman, but was found guilty after a trial.

Duncan was also convicted of a number of other sexual offences, including two attacks on a woman at nightclubs in Aberdeen on 11 January last year.

Judge Lady Scott told him that he had been convicted of “a very serious offence”.

He was remanded in custody for the preparation of a background report before sentencing next month.