April 2021

Brave child victims of this sick predator relive harrowing moments to finally get him locked up

Two women have told how they are haunted after being sexually abused by a North Lincolnshire museum worker when they were children.

Peter Price, 77, of Leyside Drive in Allerton, near Bradford was working at the Trolleybus Museum near Epworth where he met the two girls who were aged between six and eight.

At the time, Price was on bail for sexual offences against other children. For that, he was handed a suspended sentence but he carried on his evil campaign.

He groomed and sexually assaulted the girls, forcing them to perform sex acts upon him.

He pleaded guilty to the offences which happened between 2002 and 2004.

Prosecuting, David Bradshaw, told Grimsby Crown Court Price had been in a position of trust.

He said: “He owned a trolley bus and kept it there and restored it. There was only one occasion where concern was expressed when he was putting suncream on the girls.

“No complaints of sexual behaviour were ever made even when it was discovered he was a registered paedophile. The police first became aware in 2018 when a complaint was made by the mother of one of the girls. Each was interviewed around the same time in 2019 and gave similar accounts.”

In a heartbreaking victim impact statement, one of Price’s victims, now a grown woman told the court: “In my childhood I always felt different. I felt a sense of not belonging.

“I became this child but behaved in a very different way growing up. I tried to please people and didn’t feel innocent. I had that stripped away. I thought my sexualised behaviour was normal. I felt more of an influence to be sexual with others because that’s what I had grown to know.

“I never want to be alone. This experience continues to haunt me every day.

“I feel to blame. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? It is forever going to be a demon inside of me.”

Price’s second victim told how the recent birth of her baby made her feel more vulnerable because of the sexual abuse she had suffered at his hands.

She said: “It is almost impossible for me to put into words the pain and suffering this one person put onto me. The shame of the abuse and the emotions I find difficult to come to terms with.

“It has taken me many years to find the courage and strength to get the justice I deserve.

“This man took my innocence away – something that wasn’t his to take. He lured children into a false sense of adult relationships and he groomed me to see it as happiness and love but it was abuse.

“Recently I have become a first time mum but the birth was very traumatic, more so because of the sexual abuse. The physical aspect reminded me of how vulnerable I really am and I felt that in the first few moments after my daughter was born.

“I am extremely angry this was allowed to happen and this needs to be the last time he can use his power in this way.

Price was described as a “predator” by Judge Peter Kelson QC who jailed him for nine years.

The judge said: “You were on bail. You were a sexual predator under investigation and facing proceedings when you committed these offences against these children and that is paedophilia.

“You were a predator preying on children. The damage you did to them is crystal clear from their victim personal statements.

“If I had the power to pass a sentence to help them in their search for normality, or some sort of correction to what occurred, if it could be wiped out, if I had that power I would do that.”

Price was also made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order.