April 2021

Serial rapist jailed for 24 years after being found guilty of 11 counts of rape against two victims

A serial rapist found guilty of multiple rapes on two young victims has been jailed for 24 years.

Stephen Dowle, from Folkestone, was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court this week for 11 counts of rape against two females over the course of a decade.

Both victims suffered nightmares and panic attacks as the 42-year-old, of Trinity Crescent, continued to lie about his “campaign of rape”.

Judge Simon James told Dowle he showed “no remorse or insight” following the attacks on his victims, a woman now in her 20s and a girl who had been aged seven at the time.

Judge Simon James, after hearing the severe psychological impact he had caused, told Dowle his victims were “to be commended” for reporting their ordeal.

Prosecuting, Madeleine Wolfe described Dowle as carrying out “a campaign of rape” and having “made (his eldest victim’s) childhood unthinkable”.

The woman told the court in a statement she still suffers nightmares, panic attacks and cannot shop alone, despite Dowle being in custody.

His youngest victim’s carer said the girl also suffered night-terrors and severe anxiety and struggled to trust adults.

“She will not talk about him and during her playing… concentrates on the bad people and wants them in jail,” they added.

“She has also drawn a wanted poster, and said ‘It’s okay, he is in prison and can’t get me now’.”

The judge described Dowle as “a sexual deviant” and said he would serve two third of his 24-year prison sentence before being considered for parole. A further four will be spent on licence.

Dowle was convicted of seven counts of raping underaged girls, assaulting a girl under 16 and four counts of raping a female over 16.