Update: Taylor has now been released to Ormsgill, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria

December 2018

Violent father repeatedly attacked baby boy

A violent father has been jailed after he repeatedly attacked his six-month-old baby boy leaving him injuries including leaving him permantly blinded in one eye.

Darren Taylor, 33 of Mill Bank, Barrow appeared at the Family Court Sessions at Preston Crown Court where he was found guilty of three separate counts of grevious bodily harm (GBH), assault, ill treatment or neglect of a child or young person.

The court was told that Taylor had repeatedly attacked and tormented the six-month-old baby boy starting in 2016 whilst being careful not to leave marks which would of alerted the mother of the abuse

However, on one particulour day, Taylor used blunt force trauma to cause a detached retina to the babies left eye which left the boy screaming in agony. 

The boy was rushed to hospital, where along with the eye damage, doctors discovered further injuries including healing fractured ribs.

After regular visits to hospital, the doctors explained to the mother that due to the extent of the damage caused by Taylor when he struck the child, the boy would be permanently blinded, and due to a complication in the retina, the eye would have to be fully removed. 

Coward Taylor denied the offences but was found guilty 

Judge QC Knowles sentenced Taylor to four years imprisonment

Note: The boy suffered months of pain, stress, sleepless nights and anxiety due to the injuries, but has now made an amazing recovery and is currently waiting for a prosthetic eye to replace the temporary lens that was fitted.