April 2021

Home of paedophile attacked by locals after abuser is released from prison

The home of paedophile Christopher O’Toole has come under attack from locals angry at his return to his home in south Dublin.

Several of the upper windows of the house where O’Toole has been living since his release from prison had rocks fired through them last week.

Pigeon racer O’Toole was unmasked as a convicted child sex abuser in early March after his victim waived her anonymity following his release from prison.

O’Toole (59) was released from Arbour Hill after he served five years in prison on 42 counts of abusing a young girl.

O’Toole was sentenced to eight years in prison with one suspended in December 2015 – but he could only be named as a sex offender after his victim gave a public account of the ordeal he subjected her to from 1983 to 1985.

“The main thing for me in giving this interview is that people will now know what he is and that he is a danger,” the woman said last month.

“I was aged between four and five years old when he abused me.

“My mam used to drop me to his mother’s for me to be minded when she went to work.

“And he was this woman’s son and he lived there.”

Recalling the nature of the abuse O’Toole, who was then in his 20s, subjected her to, the woman said: “It was as if he always used to know if I was coming up to the stairs to use the bathroom.

“And as I’d walk by the bedroom door would be open and he’d be standing in front of the mirror masturbating.”

On other occasions, the woman said O’Toole would bring the then four-year-old into the bathroom.

“He’d bring me in there,” she recalled, “and he’d lie on the ground and he’d pull down his trousers and get me to rub shower gel and stuff into him and then get me to masturbate him, basically.

“I was four years old, I didn’t have a clue what he was making me do was wrong.”

The woman said in the years after the abuse she struggled greatly with depression and self-harm.

She didn’t report the abuse to gardai until after the birth of her own daughter nine years ago.

“After I had her, I started having horrific nightmares, nightmares about her being abused. According to the psychologist, that was my trigger for remembering everything and everything becoming clearer in my head.”

Two years after the birth of her daughter, the woman made a formal complaint against O’Toole.

“I can honestly say from the moment Detective Kieran Murphy first spoke to me I felt believed and that I would get justice.

“It wasn’t ever really about him [O’Toole] getting a sentence for me. I just wanted him to know I remembered what he’d done to me and I wanted other people to know him for what he really is.”

O’Toole was charged with 50 counts of sexual assault on the young girl, of which he was convicted on 42 counts and acquitted of eight others.

Asked why she was speaking out, the woman said she believes the people of Sallynoggin should know of O’Toole’s crimes.

“Now that he is out, I want people to know who he is,” she said.

“During the court case, he swanned around like nothing was happening.

“But people who do what he did are dangerous … and people need to know that and be able to protect their children from them.”