April 2021

Serial rapist who abused church minister jailed in Edinburgh

A serial sex offender has been jailed for nine years after raping a Church of Scotland Minister during a 30-year reign of attacks.

Dunfermline physio Derek Adams. 59, was caged at Edinburgh’s High Court for offenses that occurred between 1985 and 2016, in the Fife, West Lothian and Dunfermline areas involving five victims

Adams, who worked as a physiotherapist, raped two women, attempted to rape a third, and indecently assaulted a fourth victim

The jury found him guilty of attacking four women and two children, as well as threatening abusive behavior towards another woman.

One of his victims was a Church of Scotland minister who said she will never forget what Adams did to her after seducing her at the age of 17.

She says she was swept off her feet by Adams who helped her with her CV to get a broadcasting job before they were both married when she was 20.

But the marriage soon turned violent. She told the court: “To be fair, I had a fiery temper too.

“But he violently slapped me.”

She also recalled how he hit her with an iron, adding: “It was about him telling me who was in control – you are my wife and I will do with you what I want.

“It was not the first time I had sex with him when I didn’t want to. At first it was coercive, ‘If you love me you will do this’.

“Now I know the correct response would be, ‘If you love me you wouldn’t be asking me to do this’. It was an abuse of all my emotions, my body and my health.

“It was an abuse of my mind.”