April 2021

Convicted paedophile sexually assaulted young girl as he did building work in house while her parents were out

A convicted paedophile who was banned from being alone with children went on to sexually assault a young girl as he carried out work on her parent’s house.

Raymond Conner, 64, was ordered by a court not to come into unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 16 after he was jailed for sexually assaulting a girl in 2009.

But some time after being released from a five and a half year prison sentence, Minshull Street Crown Court heard how he had been employed to carry out building work on a family’s house – who had a young daughter.

Prosecutor Julian Goode told the court that Conner, who had been given his own key, sexually assaulted the girl on numerous occasions whilst her parents were out of the house.

The court heard that he would touch her breast and thigh area, call her names like ‘sexy bum’ and would grab her foot and attempt to put it in his mouth when her family wasn’t at home.

“The victim described being at home and her parents were not in the house, she was in her bedroom and the defendant appeared from nowhere,” Mr Goode said.

“He sat on the bed next to her and touched her thigh through her clothing. The stroking occurred for about 10 to 15 seconds.”

The court heard that this made the girl feel uncomfortable and she was able to arrange to meet a friend in order to get out of the house.

“She didn’t like this and stopped coming downstairs when he (Conner) was in the house,” Mr Goode said.

“There would be play fighting and he would tickle her. The defendant would comment on her cleavage and asked her if she was wearing a push up bra.

“He would tickle her breast, bottom, and thigh and she felt she had no control over this.”

The court heard that the victim felt she couldn’t tell her family as she was scared they’d think she was overreacting.

The last assault happened on the girl’s birthday, when he wished her a happy birthday and tickled her, Mr Goode said.

She had been wearing a big hoodie and she described him tugging at her bottoms around the waistband, the court heard.

Conner’s crimes were only brought to light when the victim informed a friend at school that he had been calling her names and touching her inappropriately.

The court heard that the girls’ friend informed a teacher, and the girl’s parents and the police were subsequently notified.

In a victim statement, the girl’s father said: “We couldn’t forgive ourselves for bringing a man we trusted into our home.

“It is our job to protect our kids but instead we put them in danger.

“This will impact our trust of people in the future.”

Conner was made subject to an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order which banned him from having contact with anyone under the age of 16, when he was sent to prison in 2009.

The court heard he had previously been jailed for a number of sexual assaults on a girl and for causing a child to watch sexual acts.

His most recent offences meant that Conner was in breach of this court order.

Conner, of Norwood Road, Manchester, was jailed for four years after admitting five offences of sexual assault on a child under the age of 16 and breach of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Sentencing, Miss Recorder Katherine Pierpoint said: “It goes without saying that her bedroom was a place where she should have felt safe.”

“You are 64 years of age and you made her feel extremely uncomfortable. It didn’t stop to and you subjected her on numerous occasions to sexual assaults.

“She felt she had no control and couldn’t stop you and she felt she couldn’t tell someone about this because she feared that other people would think she was overreacting. That is what makes this so serious.

“There is a real concern that there is starting to be a pattern in this type of behaviour.”

Conner was also handed a restraining order banning him from contacting the victim or her family, and will be made subject to another indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

He will spend half of his sentence in prison before being released on licence.