April 2021

Pervert jailed for assaulting young child in Barrow

A retired army veteran that sexually abused a six-year-old girl at a house in Barrow has been jailed for 38 months.

Friends and family of Alan Foulkes, 80, believed he was a “good, honest, member of society” but behind closed doors he searched the internet for sickening sex abuse stories to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

He later went on to touch a young child under her clothes during a tickling game, Preston Crown Court heard.

Foulkes denied the offence, claiming the girl had “a vivid imagination” until part way through his trial, when he finally owned up to what he had done.

As a result of his denials the child had to undergo two intrusive medical examinations and faced the prospect of giving evidence at court.

Foulkes only admitted his guilt from the dock after seeing the child’s recorded account of what had happened.

Judge Heather Lloyd, sentencing, said: “Even if you had not seen it, you knew your victim was not a liar, for you knew what you had done.”

The court heard Foulkes, who suffers a number of health conditions including osteoarthritis, served in a prestigious regiment in the Royal Army.

After leaving the forces he went on to obtain a degree and rose to the rank of director at a food supply company.

Judge Lloyd said: “I accept for any man to admit this type of offending cannot be easy on any view because it is contrary to what everyone thought about you.

“They believed you to be good and hardworking.

“Unfortunately they did not know what your fantasies had become – and no doubt would have been horrified had they known.

“Whatever your sexual needs or shortcomings, most men would seek out adult pornography for sexual gratification, not seek out stories of child abuse.

“Had you restricted yourself to the stories, no doubt it would have remained a secret but you went further – and a big step further, by sexually assaulting a child.”

The judge said she took into account Foulkes’ age and ill health when passing sentence, but told him: “Your age and infirmity did not prevent you from sexually assaulting a child on this occasion.”  

The defendant, of Chesterton Way, Crewe, was also handed a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and a Restraining Order.