April 2021

Thug broke pregnant girlfriend’s nose after dragging her along ground

A thug who broke his pregnant girlfriend’s nose said her family took physical “retribution” and put him in hospital.

Joseph Robinson punched the woman, who was four months pregnant, in the face, breaking her nose.

His victim, who has chosen not to name, has been left struggling to breathe as she is unable to have treatment until after the birth of her child.

A court heard the 29-year-old wasn’t arrested straight after the incident because he claimed the woman’s family had hospitalised him after they “sought retribution”.

Serial woman beater Robinson, who had also dragged the woman along the ground in the early stages of her pregnancy, appeared at Liverpool Crown Court for a number of offences against the woman.

Andrew Jebb, prosecuting, explained there had been three incidents involving the woman, one in August last year, one on November 10 and another on November 23.

Mr Jebb explained on August 15 the woman, who was living at a YMCA in Birkenhead, left with Robinson at about 10pm.

She said they “began to argue” when “all of a sudden” she was “on the ground being pulled along and her head made sharp contact with the pavement”.

Mr Jebb confirmed it wasn’t thought he deliberately banged her head, but he continued to drag her along the ground before she managed to get up.

The court heard she was pulled down by Robinson, and he bit her on the nose, although Mr Jebb explained this wasn’t accepted by Robinson.

The woman then “ran back to the YMCA” where a member of staff, Andrew Copeland, challenged Robinson about what happened.

Mr Jebb said: “The defendant became aggressive and punched a perspex screen, causing it to crack and causing it to fall on Mr Copeland’s arm.”

In another incident at the same YMCA, the woman was on the phone to Robinson when he “threatened to make trouble for her”.

On November 10 he sneaked into the accommodation after two people left and approached the woman, who had to be shielded by Mr Copeland so Robinson couldn’t get to her.

Robinson shouted at the woman: “I want my f***ing money or I’m going to smash your face in.”

He then kicked a door before eventually leaving, only to be arrested by police a short while later.

The court heard the woman didn’t support a prosecution at that stage as she was “pregnant and wanted to enter a relationship with with him again”.

Mr Jebb explained Robinson assaulted the woman again on November 23, when he waited for her to leave her friend’s home – despite being on bail for the other offences with a condition not to contact the woman.

She was 17 weeks pregnant with his child, Mr Jebb explained, when she “left her friend’s address and was walking home on her own and saw the defendant approaching her”.

She began to argue with the defendant, who told her he “would get the unborn baby taken off her” before he “struck her to the head with a bag of washing”.

Mr Jebb said “she reacted by slapping his face” after which he “punched her on the nose” giving her a nosebleed and telling her “look what you have made me do, I’ll go back to prison for this”.

The woman was taken to Arrowe Park Hospital after she also suffered bruising and swelling below her left eye, swelling to her lip and bruising beneath her right eye.

Due to the deviation in her nose Mr Jebb explained she required treatment but it must wait until after she gives birth, and if unsuccessful the woman may require a reconstructive rhinoplasty.

The woman said she had been left with “extreme anxiety” and was only just starting to feel safe having moved home, but was having “difficulty breathing at night”.

Robinson has 21 previous convictions for 34 offences which include horrific acts of violence against a number of ex girlfriends.

In one vile incident in March 2015 he was jailed for six months after he “kicked his then partner to the face”.

In April 2017 he was jailed for 32 months for wounding an ex-girlfriend when he “grabbed his partner round the throat” before striking her to the face with a curtain pole “breaking her jaw”.

Mr Jebb said on that incident there was at least one child present when he attacked the woman.

Robinson, previously of Manor Road, Liscard, Wirral, admitted two common assaults, using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Judge David Potter, sentencing, said the woman was “undoubtedly vulnerable due to her condition at the time” of the attack on November 23.

The judge added that the assaults took place “against a background of you committing serious violence to previous partners”.

Robinson was jailed for one year and seven months and a seven year restraining order was imposed.