April 2021

Parents of very young girl who was sexually assaulted praise Thames Valley Police for putting culprit behind bars

The mum and dad of a girl who suffered at the hands of a sex abuser have spoken out about the whole distressing experience.

The courageous couple have been recorded on a video, which disguises their identity and voices, to encourage others to report such crimes to the police.

Their young daughter was abused by 55-year-old Simon Honour, who subsequently pleaded guilty in court to 11 counts of assaulting a girl under 13 by touching.

He was arrested by Thames Valley Police and in February this year he was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment and placed under a sexual harm prevention order and on the sex offenders’ register for life.

The offences happened over a period of time in the last five years.

David and Katie, whose names have also been changed to protect their daughter, wanted to share their experiences of the investigation and the cathartic effect it had on their daughter

They describe the chilling moment the daughter told them what Honour had done to her.

“Our daughter disclosed to us that someone was abusing her. Those weren’t the words she used but that was what we gleaned from it,” said David.

Katie said: “I just kept on thinking ‘It can’t….This does not happen to us.”

The couple first went to their daughter’s school and then to police, who arranged to discreetly record the child recounting what had happened.

“I was a difficult process but I’m really glad we did it,” said David. “It was very, very stressful but I’m glad we gave the police and the justice system the chance to do their job.”

Katie said the police investigation and legal process process helped their daughter, who, along with the parents, is now receiving counselling to help the recovery process.

“It was the right thing to do…By doing this we showed we believed her and the police believed her and that everyone was on her side.”

The couple have urged other parents who sadly find themselves in a similar situation not to hesitate to go to the police.

“It cannot necessarily be fixed but it can be sorted in the best way possible and very nasty people can be taken off the streets and dealt with,” said David.

The couple said their daughter had benefitted from the closure of seeing Honour sent to prison.

“It was quite cathartic for her,” said David.