County Durham rapist filmed vile attack on sleeping victim

County Durham rapist filmed vile attack on sleeping victim

A rapist who filmed himself sexually assaulting his sleeping victim was caught when she found the footage on his phone and changed his pin number so he could not delete it.

Daniel Campbell took advantage of his victim as she slept and recorded some of what he did to her on his mobile phone.

The woman noticed her clothing was inside out when she woke up and her suspicions grew.

So she took Campbell’s mobile phone to the toilet to check and was horrified to find the footage in his deleted folders.

The quick-thinking victim changed his pin number on his phone so he was unable to permanently erase it and contacted police.

The incident was reported to Northumbria Police and an investigation was launched by the force’s Safeguarding unit.

He initially denied any wrongdoing but the video proved that was not the case.

Now Campbell, 26, has been jailed for six years at Newcastle Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to rape and three sexual assault offences.

As well as the six year prison sentence, Campbell, of South Burns, Chester-le-Street, will be subject to indefinite sex offender registration and an indefinite restraining order.