April 2021

Mum told boy, 15, her son needed help with video game before having sex with him

A perverted mum asked a boy for help with a video game before having sex with him in her bedroom.

Nicola Holton, 36, of Worcester told the boy “she could not wait until 2023 when he would be 18” and preyed on him on two occasions

She contacted her 15-year-old victim saying she needed help with an online game her son was playing.

She lured him to her home by inviting him to watch a film then made him kiss her and put her hand down his trousers.

The sick mum gave him oral sex and also used her hands to perform a sexual act on another occasion.

After telling him that “she could not wait until 2023 when he would be 18”, Holton performed sex acts on him.

The pervert, who works in childcare, was jailed for four years at Worcester Crown Court on Friday, April 30, after admitting two counts of sexual activity with a child and one of sexual communication with a child between August 31 and October 10 last year.

Prosecutor Caroline Harris told the court the boy had said he “wanted it to stop and then he would just be a normal child”.

Mrs Harris said Holton “put her hand inside his trousers” and performed two sex acts on him with her hand and her mouth.

Holton also later sent him messages “suggesting she was pleasuring herself”. The victim said he removed those messages because he did not want to see them.

On another occasion she again kissed him and used her hands to perform a sexual act.

Mrs Harris said: “He felt he could not say anything about what happened because he was afraid he would get into trouble.

“He was asking the officer what his punishment might be for what had happened.

“It was noted by the officer that he was in tears at various stages, showing the distress that has been caused.”

Holton can expect to serve half of the four-year custodial sentence in custody and half on licence in the community.

An indefinite restraining order and a sexual harm prevention order were also made

The restraining order prevents her having contact, directly or indirectly, with the boy or from attending his address or any future address at which she knows or believes him to reside.

The SHPO restricts her use of internet enabled devices, including contacting children online, and prohibits unsupervised contact with any male child under 16 other than her own children.