May 2021

Swindon man masturbated whilst blowing kisses to young children on train

A Swindon man masturbated whilst blowing kisses and raising his eyebrows at children on a train as it came into Westbury, a court heard.

Robert Baker, 38, appeared at Swindon Magistrates’ Court having pleaded guilty to outraging public decency and threatening behaviour at earlier hearings.

The court was told how the defendant, of Stafford Street, boarded a train from Weymouth on 22 August 2019, sitting opposite a family with two young children – aged 3 and 5. He was also visible to a second family with a four-year-old on the same carriage.

During the journey, Baker slouched in his seat and began raising his eyebrows and blowing kisses towards the three-year-old opposite him, said to be trying to her their attention.

Simultaneously, he exposed his chest and was moving his hand up and down inside his trousers whilst looking at the child. He spat on his hand up to four times before placing it back inside his garment and continuing the up and down motion.

This continued for half an hour, but instead of dealing with the offender, train staff shuffled the families around the carriage to ensure they were not in view of Baker.

He is said to have then done the same to a 12-year-old on the carriage.

When the train arrives at Westbury Railway Station, Baker is asked to leave the train. Police officers were greeted with persistent swearing, mainly consisting of the F-word.

National Probation Service officer Lesley Shannon-Lowe said Baker’s offender manager had to stop working with Baker due to “inappropriate messaging”.

On hearing a full pre-sentence report had not been completed, the case was adjourned until 19 July at Swindon Magistrates’ Court. He was released on unconditional bail.

Baker admitted offences that do not require him to register as a sex offender.