Hartlepool man behind bars after bribing young girl with alcohol for sex

A pervert has been handed a suspended sentence after he groomed an underage girl for sexual activity

Andrew Colin Usher, 56 of Barbara Mann Court in Hartlepool appeared at Teeside Court for sentencing 

Usher was committed to prison for 26 weeks suspended for 18 months after communicating with a girl under the age of 16 for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, namely using sexual language to attempt to bribe them with alcohol to return to his address.

The court was told that Usher had sent highly sexualised messages with the full intent of the grooming the girl for sexual activity

Usher pleaded not guilty but was found guilty and was made to pay £250 in compensation, £128 to victim services and £600 to Crown Prosecution Service.

In 2019, Usher was handed a 12 month community order after making repeated nuisance calls to police