May 2021

Man held teenager hostage and raped her during 14-hour ordeal

A sadistic bully has been jailed for 14 years after he held a teenager hostage and raped her during a 14-hour ordeal.

Declan Delaney, 23, had asked the girl, named only as Miss A, 19, to drop some items off at his and flew into a rage when she told him she was going early to bed instead.

He then made a series of threats until she drove to his brother’s home. From there, he forced her to drive him to his flat, where he then told her: ‘This is my car now, you’re not getting it back. You’re staying with me.’

She was then imprisoned inside, where he raped her twice, banged her head into a chair, pulled her hair and threatened her with knives.

He also told her he was going to kill her, and forced her to listen to a call on loudspeaker, in which he asked a friend to meet him with a van, gloves and rope.

Bolton Crown Court heard he had told the friend: ‘We’ll take her to the usual spot in that abandoned unit, tie her up and leave her.’

When the friend seemingly arrived at the scene, Delaney, from Romiley, Stockport, told his victim: ‘You can save me a job of me killing you, why don’t you just kill yourself now. I’ll leave you in this room to die, no one will ever find you.

Miss A managed to escape the following day by promising Delaney she would not tell anyone about her ordeal. She also feigned calls to friends and family saying she was fine when they were worried about her whereabouts.

She arrived at her mother’s home in a ‘pitiable state, dishevelled, injured, hysterical, struggling to breath and in great distress’, the court was told.

In a statement to police, she said: ‘I genuinely believed he was going to kill me and I felt utterly degraded.

‘In the days and weeks following the attack I suffered soreness to my body plus mental and emotional exhaustion and being unable to comprehend what had happened, constantly reliving the experience.

‘I felt dirty and was washing myself constantly. I couldn’t leave my house for a number of days and couldn’t return to work and felt unable to do anything.

I also felt a sense of blame, self-doubt and uselessness. I have felt completely alone and ashamed. I was once a happy, stable, bubbly, outgoing person but I am shy, withdrawn and broken. He’s completely changed me as a person.

‘The physical injuries have healed, but the emotional and psychological scars run much deeper, and still have not begun to heal, and I feel that they won’t. And I will be this person forevermore.

‘I have no escape from what he did to me. Day and night, it haunts me. This is a real nightmare for me that has never ended. I worry that I will never be rid of it.’

Miss A had told Delaney she couldn’t drop off his belongings as she had to be up for work early the next day.

He responded by threatening to come to her home and smash her windows, telling her: ‘I swear on my sister’s grave, I’ll do it’.

She then drove to his brother’s home, intending to drive back the same night, but Delaney forced her to take him to his flat, telling her: ‘I don’t give a f**k. I swear if you don’t do it, watch what happens.’

En route he began to manhandle the handbrake and said he wished he was driving so he could crash the car into a wall. Once at his flat, he confiscated Miss A’s phone and keys and texted her mum to say she was ‘fine’ and staying over.

Alaric Bassano, prosecuting, said: ‘Over a period of what she judges to be about two and a half hours he pulled her hair by her plaits and dragged her about the room by her head.

‘He also grabbed her head, striking it against a chair, kicked her leg, dug his hand into her arm, repeatedly spat in her face, struck the side of her head causing her ear piercing to tear and her ear to bleed and threatened her with knives.

‘He made her log onto her own Facebook and Instagram accounts using his phone and then began to send messages to her male contacts pretending to be her and then claiming he had evidence of her infidelity.

These were deranged antics driven by anger, jealousy and paranoia. ‘At one point he threatened her in an extreme way, ringing someone, putting the call on loud speaker and chillingly declaring he had a “job” for him to do.’

Delaney was convicted of two charges of rape, false imprisonment, occasioning actual bodily harm, battery and threatening to damage property.

The court heard he also had previous convictions for beating up and controlling a girlfriend in 2018, as well as for a violent burglary and drug trafficking.

Sentencing, the judge Mr Recorder Peter Atherton told Delaney: ‘You led her to believe that you were actively making arrangements to kill her and burn and dump her body where it would not be found. You humiliated and terrified her.

You ignored her obvious fear and distress, and you cruelly denied her basic human needs. ‘It is clear from her personal statement that her dreadful experiences at your hands have had devastating ongoing consequences for her and for her family.

In different ways, each of these offences and your previous convictions demonstrate a propensity for coercive control and violence in your relationships with young women.’