May 2021

Merseyside children’s home paedophile jailed again

A predatory paedophile, who was a home house master at a Merseyside children’s home, has been put back behind bars for abusing a boy in his care.

The paedophile was jailed for 13 years in 1996 for sexually abusing seven boys at St Vincents’ Children’s Home in Formby.

Another of his victims has since come forward to tell of his ordeal and on Monday, May 17, a judge put him back in jail for three and a half years.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the victim, who is now 54, was so terrified of Edward Stanton, who he described as “controlling and frightening”, that he often absconded as he felt had nowhere to run and would sleep in the cold which he felt was safer than being at the home.

He tells in his victim impact statement how he feels his life has been ruined, said David Polglase, prosecuting.

The man, who was a vulnerable 13 -year-old when he fell into Stanton’s predatory clutches, had come from a poor dysfunctional family.

“He expected to be taken to a place of safety and caring environment but instead was subject to sexual abuse and felt it was a bit like borstal.”

He has had bouts of depression and relationship difficulties and feels shame and after self-harming ended up a psychiatric hospital where he starved himself.

“He has night terrors and calls out for his mother. He feels his life has been ruined.”

Stanton, of Earle Road, Wavertree, Liverpool, had denied two offences of indecent assault which happened in 1981 but was convicted after a trial.

The court heard that Stanton was jailed in 2013 and 2016 for indecent images offences and again in 2018 for breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

The court heard how the new offences came to light after the victim confided in his wife which led to the police being informed in 2017 and Stanton’s arrest in 2018