May 2021

Loner branded child sex abuse victims ‘stupid’ while plotting kidnap and rape of homeless boy in Leeds

A dangerous pervert obsessed with raping children plotted to kidnap a homeless child in Leeds with another paedophile and told police young victims of abuse were “stupid” and “should know better”.

Ryan Wood’s home in Barnsley was searched in February 2019 and child porn was found on his mobile phone and two laptops, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

The 23-year-old was questioned by detectives after they discovered “sexual and disturbing” images and videos as well as horrific search terms.

During his police interview, Wood blamed the children saying they were “stupid” and “should know better”, prosecutor Andrew Bailey said.

It was also revealed that when Wood was arrested, he punched himself and said he needed to be fixed.

He also concocted a story that he had been on chatrooms to catch paedophiles as an online hunter

The judge, Recorder David Preston said Wood’s offending was so serious that he must be sent to prison.

He said Wood, who admitted three counts of making of indecent images, two counts of distributing of indecent images and one count of possession of a prohibited image, had created a “pack of lies” when telling police he was trying to trap paedophiles online.

Mr Preston added: “You obtained those images of young children being raped among other things and used them for your sexual gratification.

“The suggestion in your interview that children were stupid and their parents should look after them better was grossly offensive. You do not blame victims of sexual abuse for their abuse.”

Mr Preston said Wood seemed to “revel” in the disturbing chat and sharing images.

He said: “You were looking forward, in your fantasy world, to teaming up with people and raping children who were homeless or children of drug users.”

Sentencing Wood to 20 months in prison, Mr Preston added: “You were obviously, by your sharing of this material and by the comments in the chatroom, relishing the thought of children being raped. You obviously had and have an obsession with abuse of the most horrific and serious kind.”

Wood, of Jardine Street, Barnsley, was also made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order and will be on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.