May 2021

Arrogant pervert sentenced for multiple rape

An arrogant pervert that targeted and attacked sex workers has been convicted on five counts of rape.

Sajad Jamalvatan, 25, (26.05.95) of Mulberry Close, Beaufort Street, Chelsea, has been sentenced to 19 years imprisonment and five years on license after being convicted of five counts of rape against two female sex workers between August and October 2019.

He was sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on 14 May 2021 after being found guilty at the same court following a 14-day trial.

Detectives obtained and downloaded mobile phone information and combed through hours of CCTV footage.

The investigation uncovered that Jamalvatan had been using escort websites to contact sex workers and arrange transactional sexual interactions, often requesting them to meet him at his flat in Chelsea.

Once the women were in the flat, Jamalvatan would set about pretending to transfer money to them on his banking app, despite having no intention of paying the women.

The victims would quickly realise they were in danger and try to escape, but were overpowered by him.

If the victims tried to defend themselves Jamalvatan would become violent, covering their mouths with his hands and pinning them down, telling them not to scream.

On one occasion, after subjecting one victim to an attack lasting over an hour.

Jamalvatan insisted that he was ‘not a bad person’