May 2021

Pervert caught masturbating on balcony

A pervert who was previously convicted for ‘trying to have sex with a traffic cone’ has been hauled back to court for standing naked on the balcony of his apartment as he performed a lewd act while staring at a group of teenagers.

Trevor Smith hit the headlines two years ago after being caught by staff at a railway station near Lancashire ‘thrusting his hips’ towards the plastic cone while his trousers and underpants were pulled down.

The 50-year-old was given a 26 week jail sentence suspended for two years for that perverted offence.

He was hauled back to court this week after he was spotted by a shocked neighbour performing a sex act on himself on his balcony while ogling a group of teenagers.

A horrified onlooker said she felt ‘physically sick’ and called police after the incident on 18 March this year

Officers discovered’ fully naked’ Smith ‘sweating’ profusely and ‘out of breath’ as pornography played from his mobile phone, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Chris Hopkins said the disgusted neighbour lived in an adjacent apartment block and “at about 9.50pm was alerted to a noise in the street”.

Mr Hopkins said: “She looked out her window and saw a group of about nine teens, male and female, were walking along in the street.

Smith had his hand on the window ledge and was “leaning over the window ledge looking towards the ground”.

The woman saw when Smith stepped back from the balcony that he was “fully naked” with his “boxer shorts pulled down to his knees”.

Mr Hopkins said Smith appeared to be performing a sex act on himself.

The horrified woman called police, who arrived to find Smith “wearing a towel”, “out of breath” and “sweating”.

Smith, of Hall Street, St Helens, admitted possession of cannabis, exposure and breaching his suspended sentence order

The judge jailed him for 10 months.

Smith must also sign the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years.