May 2021

‘Walking skeleton’ sepsis dog dies as owner banned from keeping dogs for four years

A woman has been banned from owning dogs for four years after her pet dog was put to sleep after it was found like a ‘walking skeleton’ and ridden with sepsis.

Lola the dog was discovered starving, malnourished and in agony

Her eyes had sunk into their sockets, infection had eaten away at her ears her skin was hot to the touch, skin fell off her bones and was very weak according to animal welfare chiefs.

The Scottish SPCA inspector who found her described her condition as one of the worst she had seen in 13 years.

The Scottish animal welfare charity launched an investigation in Lola’s owner, Ashley Graham, from Peterhead, Aberdeenshire following a complaint from someone who had seen the dog’s condition.

Inspector Fiona McKenzie said: “When I first laid eyes on Lola, I was shocked. I could not believe what I was seeing. She was like a walking skeleton.

“She had no body fat or muscle, her skin just hung off her bones. There was no fat on Lola’s head and everything was sunken. Her eyes were cloudy with signs of infection and they had sunk back in to her eye sockets.

“Lola was suffering excessive hair loss from what looked like a chronic skin condition and her skin was hot to touch. Her ears had infected wounds which had eaten away at the edge of her ears. She was very weak and had a depressed demeanour.

“It was clear Lola was suffering from lack of nutrition and was in need of veterinary attention.”

But a trip to the vets couldn’t save little Lola, and she died in pain.

The vet concluded that Lola’s condition had developed over the course of several months causing a prolonged period of suffering.

The vets put Lola on antibiotics and a number of treatments and extracted her decayed teeth.

Despite this and the best efforts made by the Scottish SPCA to save her, poor Lola didn’t respond to the treatment for her septicaemia and the difficult decision was made that the kindest thing for Lola was to put her to sleep to end her suffering.

Graham was hauled into Peterhead Sheriff Court for sentencing after Lola’s death.

She was banned from owning dogs for four years.

Court also handed Graham a 100 hours’ community payback order.