May 2021

Shane Heseltine-Holland jailed for repeatedly raping a child 

A pervert has been jailed after repeatedly raping a child 

Shane Heseltine-Holland, 27, attacked his victim four to five times during a campaign of “manipulation, coercion and control.”

The former Dover Grammar School pupil was jailed for 29-months at Canterbury Crown Court for the attacks, carried out about 14 years ago when he himself was aged 13

His sentencing was adjourned earlier this year for psychiatric reports

But psychiatrists refuted his self-diagnosis telling the court it served as self-distraction from being an “opportunistic sex offender.”

Judge Mark Weekes sympathised with Heseltine-Holland’s “deeply troubled childhood” but voiced worries over his attitude as an adult.

“I am concerned to see elements of victim blaming and self-justification within the pre-sentence report, and to note that even as a fully grown adult, you seem unable fully to appreciate the fact that your sexual behaviour was directed towards a young girl who could not possibly have understood or appreciated what was going on,” he said.

The court heard Heseltine-Holland launched multiple attacks on his defenceless victim over two months.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of raping a girl under 13 and assaulting a girl under 13 at an early opportunity.

Heseltine-Holland, of Guildhall Street in Folkestone, received a third of the sentence he would have, if he were to be sentenced as an adult.

He, who could be seen breathing heavily throughout the hearing, will be subjected to notification requirements for five years on release from prison.