June 2021

Chef threatened to go to boy’s home to rape him

A pervert who exchanged sexual messages with a 14-year-old boy arranged a rendezvous, using an alias name and picture profile.

When they did go on to meet in a railway station car park, in County Durham, Liam Paul Scott paid the reluctant boy £30 to perform oral sex on him but when further advances were rejected and he was blocked online, the 24-year-old chef upped his cash offer to £100 and threatened to rape the boy.

Durham Crown Court was told soon after “meeting” via a gay dating site, on which Scott used the account name of ‘Warren Taylor 19’, the boy made it clear to him that he was only aged 14.

Jane Waugh, prosecuting, said this did not deter Scott, who persuaded the boy to switch their messaging to a different account.

Scott, who worked at a hotel at Scotch Corner, sent the boy pictures of his genitalia and a video of him performing a sex act on himself, but when the meeting was arranged the youngster realised the profile pictures did not match the man waiting for him at the station car park.

When he persuaded the boy to perform oral sex on him in his car, Scott forced his head down and filmed the act, later sending the recording to his victim.

Miss Waugh said it was after a further offer of £100 to take part in sexual activity was rejected, that Scott threatened to go to the boy’s home and rape him.

Although he prevented any further online contact, the boy was worried Scott may carry out his threat as he knew he was aware where he lived.

When arrested, in September 2019, after the boy’s mother became aware of the exchanges, Scott made “no comment” replies to police questions.

It was only through a video identity procedure that the boy pinpointed Scott.

Miss Waugh told the court that the boy, who was also victim to other sexual “predators”, has since suffered psychologically, particularly in the wake of the death of a close family member.

Scott, now 27, of Thompson Road West, Darlington, admitted engaging in sexual activity with a child.