Jack Larcombe given community order for sexually assaulting a teenage girl

A man has been handed a community order for sexually assaulting a teenage girl.

Jack Larcombe, also known as Jack Wilson, appeared at Dorchester Crown Court to be sentenced after admitting the charge of assault by penetration.

Prosecutor Stuart Ellacott told the court that the offence related to an incident involving a 17-year-old girl on August 6, 2014, when the defendant was aged 18.

Mr Ellacott said Larcombe, now 20, had been invited back to the victim’s address but she was on medication at the time and was not sleeping well at night so ended up lying down on the floor

In a basis of plea Larcombe, of Castle Square, Bridport, admitted the girl had not consented to the sexual activity that then took place, but stated she was awake the whole time although she “appeared distant towards the defendant”.

Mr Ellacott said after he was challenged by the girl, he left asking her not to tell anyone.

She also claimed he later contacted her by telephone and threatened to beat her up if she told anyone what had happened.

The defendant was interviewed in relation to the incident more than a year later.

He told police he did not remember having been to the victim’s address or having any sexual contact with her.

However, when the case came to court he entered a guilty plea.

In a victim impact statement the girl said: “I wish he had said something sooner to save me all the extra pain I had to go through.”

Jamie Porter, mitigating, told the court: “This is a young man with Asperger’s who has misread a situation.

“This is as much as misjudgement of the situation as it is a non consensual touching.”

Judge Jonathan Fuller told the defendant: “The error of your ways is clear, and that is that you entirely misjudged and assumed quite wrongly that she was consenting to what you were doing when she wasn’t and this must have been a very frightening thing for the young lady.”

Judge Fuller sentenced Larcombe to a community order of 24 months, with a supervision requirement and specified activity requirement.

The defendant was also placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years.