June 2021

Worksop paedophile fantasised online with another sex using forbidden laptop

A Worksop paedophile fantasised about performing sexual acts on children with another convicted sex offender using a laptop he was forbidden from owning

Keannu Rouse was banned from accessing the internet without police supervision when he was jailed for sexually assaulting two underage boys and child porn offences, in August 2016.

Prosecutor Lauren Pitman described how Rouse failed to tell officers about a laptop he possessed when they interviewed him on May 28, last year.

In fact he installed the gay social media app Grindr 24 times, between May 11 and 30, in breach of the Sexual Harm Prevention Order imposed by the court.

Rouse’s “sexualised chat” with someone he met on the app, who is also a sex offender, prompted the other man to raise the alarm.

Officers from the Sexual or Violent Offender Manager (MOSOVO) unit confronted Rouse at his home and arrested him on suspicion of facilitating a sexual offence on June 7.

But they found he had deleted the app after using it, so there was no record of the conversations he had.

He later admitted talking to the other man while his partner was at work, while using adult pornography, as “a way of getting off.”

But Rouse said what they talked about “was never going to happen,” and claimed he was no longer physically interested in children.

Digby Johnson, mitigating, said Rouse was released from his 33 month prison sentence in November 2017.

“On the face of it he has done very well in terms of engaging with the probation service,” he said.

“But in the early summer of 2020 he decided he was going to push the boundaries and behaved in a way that was not just inappropriate but frightening.

“It does seem to be an aberration of sorts. In a sense he burns himself three times – by committing the offence, by covering it up and then by being so frank with police officers.

“He got carried away. And it came to light very quickly. That’s the best indication to him that the only way he can stay safe is to stay within the boundaries.”

Rouse, 26, of Colsterdale, Worksop, pleaded guilty to breaching the Sexual Harm Prevention Order, on March 5.

On Friday, Judge Stuart Rafferty QC told him: “It’s clear from these proceedings that you did not learn your lesson.

“People who abuse children are among the worst offenders there are. Children deserve a chance to be happy.

“I find it extraordinary you had the gall to tell the probation officer you were feeling sad and isolated at the time.”

Rouse received 18 months, suspended for two years, with a two year community order that includes 40 days of rehabilitation activities and attendance on a programme for sex offenders.

The judge added: “Police will no doubt be keeping a closer eye on you. You will be made to confront yourself and the person you really are.

“It is sometimes said, once a paedophile always a paedophile. We will find out.”