June 2021

Woman sexually abused schoolboy then tried to babysit other children

A Blackpool woman who engaged in sexual activity with a young boy has been brought back to court after befriending families with children.

Jade Henderson was convicted of engaging in penetrative sexual activity with a boy who was aged 11 in April 2015.

Henderson was given a five-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to the offence and was also given a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

She avoided a prison sentence after the boy’s father, in a victim personal statement, said his son had “been a willing party”.

At Preston Crown Court, 27-year-old Henderson appeared to be sentenced for five “flagrant” breaches of the SHPO involving three different young boys.

Henderson, who has “significant learning difficulties”, and her boyfriend had met a family in a pub in Blackpool in January 2018.

Prosecutor Amanda Johnson told the court that the family had four young children.

“The defendant liked playing with the children and their mother thought nothing of it,” she said.

“They became good friends and the defendant and her partner would visit the family three or four times a week.

“The defendant offered to babysit on a number of occasions but the mother refused because she already had a babysitter.

“The defendant also asked if the children could stay over at her home.

“On one occasion the defendant took the children to a shop but she didn’t bring them back immediately which caused the mother to be worried.

“She rang up and the defendant said she was in a KFC with the children and apologised.”

The court heard that the mother was then sent a newspaper clipping dating back to when Henderson was convicted of sexual activity with a child.

“On May 29 in 2018 a man and his wife were on holiday at a campsite in North Wales and the defendant and Mr Wood were at the same campsite,” Miss Johnson said.

“The defendant went into a caravan with her partner and she was talking to some children. She took photos of them on her mobile phone.

“The defendant recounted a tale about how she had two children who had died in a car crash but when she told the family her age they realised something didn’t add up and became suspicious.

“The man’s wife looked on Google and found out about her past.”

One of the boys later said Henderson had taken photos of him and told him that she loved him.

Henderson later failed to comply with the notification requirements of her conviction from 2015 by not informing police when she moved into the New Milton Hotel in Blackpool where she worked as a live-in manager with Mr Wood.

The judge, Recorder Ian Harris, told Henderson there was “no alternative” sentence but immediate imprisonment.

“Your previous convictions for sexual activity with a male child you were cautioned which I view as a warning.

“In June 2016 you were sentenced for failing to comply with the supervision order.

“I regret to inform you that I don’t find any alternative sentence other than immediate imprisonment. You have had warnings in the past and these are offences against children and against justice.

“These children were very young, you befriended them and you didn’t disclose your background. You hoped the parents wouldn’t find out.

“No harm came to the children but I find this behaviour troubling.

“You avoided immediate imprisonment in 2016, you breached the supervision aspect, you have breached the order and ignored court orders and in my judgement the only sentence is one of immediate imprisonment.

“You do pose a risk to children.”

Henderson was jailed for a total of 15 months.

June 2021

‘Keep your sons close’ Pervert who had sex with boy aged 11 moves to Scotland

A worried mum has issued a warning after a woman who had sex with an 11-year-old boy moved to Scotland.

Jade Henderson, formerly of Blackpool, was handed a suspended prison term in 2016 and placed on the sex offenders’ register for seven years after admitting the crime.

The judge also imposed a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) to run for five years, which was meant to stop her from having contact with boys.

Henderson, 27, has since moved to an address in Wishaw, Lanarkshire, to start a new life.

But last week she was locked up after breaching the order while at a campsite in north Wales in May 2018.

Now a mum of three young boys who came into contact with Henderson at the site has warned Scottish families to be aware of her.

The woman, who doesn’t want to be named, said she was with her sons when they met Henderson and her partner, who was known to the family.

She added: “We knew him as I used to work with his ex-wife.

“I hadn’t seen him for a long time before then. We went to our friend’s caravan and he was there and introduced Henderson to us as his fiancee.

“Then she showed me a picture of a beautiful little boy and girl and said they were her children.

“She said they were killed in a car crash. I asked how old they were and she told me they were nine and seven and it was in 2006, and I sat there thinking, ‘Something’s not right’.

“I was googling for a car crash when a picture of her came up and the story about the 11-year-old boy.

“I told my husband and he went to the other caravan to see [Henderson’s partner] but he said he didn’t know anything about it. They upped and left in the morning.

“We just want people to be aware in case she’s befriending more families.”

The mum contacted cops after discovering Henderson was on the sex offenders’ register.

Police visited the family and took statements from her husband and their youngest son.

“She took pictures of my son, who was only six at the time, and we didn’t think anything of it,” the mum added. “It was only later that we discovered that she told him that she loved him.”

Henderson also failed to comply with the SHPO when she failed to tell police she’d moved into a Blackpool hotel where she worked as a live-in manager.

It was in the seaside town she met another family with four kids in January 2018. Preston Crown Court heard she visited them and offered to babysit.

The family then received a newspaper clipping detailing Henderson’s original offence.

The judge said he could find no alternative to imprisonment, adding that Henderson posed a risk to children. She was sentenced to 15 months for five breaches of the order.