June 2021

Former paramedic jailed for turning up at Rochester supermarket car park to meet child for sex

A 60-year-old paramedic who turned up to a supermarket car park hoping to meet a mother and then ‘sexually abuse her 10-year-old child in the most abhorrent ways’ has been jailed.

Maurice Clayton was arrested last year after travelling 30 miles to meet a woman he believed would allow him access to her young daughter, who he intended to sexually abuse.

Clayton, 60, met the woman through a pornographic website in September last year. He believed her to be the mother of a 10-year-old girl, when in fact, he was talking to Kent Police.

The unwitting Clayton continued to speak to the woman through a separate social media site, and made repeated comments about his intentions to commit ‘serious sexual offences’ against the child. Within these conversations he also shared indecent images.

But waiting for him at the site in Rochester were undercover police officers who found indecent items in his motorcycle bag.

Now married Maurice Clayton has been jailed for two years after admitting five sex offences, including arranging to meet a child for sex.

Clayton, of Oakland Lane, Biggin Hill was told by the judge that anyone listening to the facts “could feel nothing but revulsion and anger.”

Maidstone Crown Court heard how undercover officers had set up a sting operation on a porn website.

Prosecutor Bridget Todd said that an officer posed as a single woman called Jodie living in Chatham, with a 10-year-old daughter called Millie.

The court heard that although the site is used legitimately, it also attracts paedophiles, including Clayton using the name “Mole999”.

The medic had been on the site for 841 days and claimed to live in south-east London and Kent.

Clayton began asking sexual questions about Jodie and Millie, telling the undercover officer that he was married “but his wife didn’t know about his sexual interests,” added Ms Todd.

He then told her about his desires sickening detail and told her he worked for the ambulance service, sending two photographs of a paramedic on a motorcycle.

Clayton also boasted about talking with other 13-year-old girls – but had been “stood up many times”.

Genevieve Reed, defending, said Clayton studied for a paramedic degree after leaving school and had worked for the ambulance service for 36 years.

Judge Charles Gratwicke told him: “Nobody sitting in this court and hearing the circumstances of these offences and your conversations could feel anything but revulsion and anger.”

He said children were “entitled to their childhood and innocence and entitled to be protected from people like yourself.”

Clayton was put on the Sex Offender’s Register for 10 years.