June 2021

Paedophile asked dad if he could rape his two-year-old daughter

A paedophile asked a dad if he could rape his two-year-old daughter in a series of sickening messages.

Matthew Parr said he also wanted to rape the man’s nine-year-old daughter after being told she was autistic.

The 46-year-old didn’t realise he was actually speaking to an undercover police officer when he requested a description of the children and asked “would it be like a foursome?”.

Parr even sent the police officer a disgusting child rape video of a toddler, aged between two and three.

Charlotte Atherton, prosecuting today at Liverpool Crown Court, said on March 12 last year Parr contacted the officer, who was using the name ‘MancDad’, on Grindr.

Between March 12 2020 and June 16 2020 Parr messaged the officer, who called himself ‘Lee’, and said he was a dad of two, to which the paedophile replied “that sounded amazing”.

They exchanged details for Wickr, an online communication platform, and Parr messaged the officer under the name ‘DirtyBiLabourer’ and made various sexual suggestions related to the children.

Ms Atherton said: “The officer said he was happy to meet like-minded individuals for what he called ‘play time’.”

The next day Parr asked if he could perform sex acts on the children and said “do you know any others that play” before he “asked for a description of the children”.

Parr also asked the officer if he was “free that weekend” and “would it be like a foursome?”

On April 8 Parr again asked “when he would next have his children” to which the officer replied it was “tricky” due to coronavirus restrictions.

Parr continued to ask when he could see the children and said “he’d been having lots of horny talk and ‘I’d love to meet'”.

Two days later Parr gave the officer his email address and emailed him to say he would “love to get to know the three of them”.

He told the officer: “Initially he just wanted to meet up and see how he goes because he didn’t want to scare the children and would ‘like to let them lead'”.

When the officer said he would “watch” Parr asked “if the officer was a cop or undercover because he was scared”.

Ms Atherton said he then sent the officer a video of a toddler, aged between two and three, being raped.

After the officer said the children were “great about it in particular because his eldest was autistic” Parr continued to confirm he “remained interested”.

Ms Atherton said there was less communication between May 1 and June 16 and Parr “didn’t follow up on the date given by the officer”.

Parr was arrested on June 23 and he admitted deleting sickening images of children, chats and mobile numbers.

He claimed he had spoken with others who had “admitted to abusing their own children”.

Officers discovered 29 images of child rape, 70 other indecent images of children and two images of extreme pornography.

Parr has two previous convictions and in 1994 was fined for soliciting for immoral purposes.

Parr, of Old Wargrave Road, Newton-Le-Willows, admitted; three counts of making indecent images of children, possession of indecent images of children, possession of extreme pornographic images, three counts of distributing indecent images of children and two counts of arranging the commision of a child sex offence in relation to the two fictional children.

Judge Andrew Menary, QC, said the nature of the conversations will “appall and outrage all decent minded people” adding it was “truly outrageous behaviour”.

The judge said: “You were planning and largely hoping such a meeting could be arranged and for a time you pushed for such a meeting.”

Judge Menary said if a meeting had happened “I have no doubt your expectation was penetrative activity with very young children would occur”.

The judge said: “It seems likely you had become suspicious of ‘Lee’, at one point in fact asked if he was a police officer.”

Referring to Parr ceasing contact with the officer Judge Menary said: “I am sure at that point, not because you lost your desire to do what you earlier proposed but because you were fearful because the conversation in the end might not have been real.”

Parr was jailed for five years and must sign the Sex Offenders Register for life.

He must also adhere to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for the same period