October 2020

Creepy pervert stalked neighbour who helped him during lockdown then sexually assaulted her

A creepy pervert who stalked and then sexually assaulted a Good Samaritan neighbour who helped him during lockdown has been banned from going near her.

Barrie Cameron has been ordered to stay away from the traumatised mum after he admitted stalking her for six months.

Perth Sheriff Court heard how Cameron turned into the neighour-from-hell and plagued the woman for months before brawling with police who came to arrest him.

Cameron, 42, has been placed on the Sex Offenders Register after he admitted stalking the 28-year-old victim between 1 March and 14 August.

The court was told the woman – who cannot be named for legal reasons – was left distressed and anxious as a result of Cameron’s unwanted attention.

During the campaign of abuse he stormed into her home, “hugged her tightly” and told her she made him “horny” before sexually assaulting her in the street.

Fiscal depute Tina Dickie said the victim lived with her children and partner, who often worked away from home. Their home was close to Cameron’s although they had never really spoken to him before the pandemic.

“In March, around the lockdown period, she reached out to him because he was living alone. One evening they found him at the door and he wanted to come in,” she said

“He came into the living room and sat on the sofa next to her and hugged her very tightly. She was left feeling alarmed with his strange behaviour.”

Mrs Dickie said that on another occasion Cameron was leering at the woman while she rocked a baby and sang a nursery rhyme to him.

“He was observing this and said ‘that’s quite a turn-on.’ He left shortly after. On another occasion he turned up, wanting to give her some beers.

“It was not long before the conversation became strange and began to alarm her. He told her he heard her and her partner having sex and that he hadn’t had sex in a long time and was very horny.

“She told him to stop speaking about things like that but he would always come back to that kind of conversation. She became wary of his behaviour.”

She told police her children were frightened by Cameron and she had become “upset and anxious.”

The victim was on a night out in July when she ran into Cameron in the street and tried to brush him off. He said: “I don’t even fancy you,” but added “you’re quite sexy when you’re mad.”

She tried to walk away but he called her “babe” and followed her before getting close enough to slap her on the bottom. Cameron said ‘sorry’ but she felt he was finding the situation amusing.

Cameron, from Perth, admitted stalking the woman for over five months and sexually assaulting her in the city on 25 July by striking her buttocks. He also admitted struggling violently with police on 14 August.

Mrs Dickie told the court that Cameron tried to break free from the two police officers who arrested him and eventually had to be restrained in rigid cuffs.

Sheriff Pino di Emidio was told Cameron was still living in close proximity to his victim.

He was made subject to a two-year non-harassment order.

Cameron was also ordered to complete 105 hours unpaid work in the community and placed under social work supervision for two years.