June 2021

Dirty driver asked children for directions while carrying out sex acts in Heaton

Two children and a teenager were left traumatised after a driver called them over to ask for directions only for them to see him carrying out a sex act at the wheel.

Euan Martin, who has a well-paid job in digital marketing and owns properties in the North East, claimed he was driving around looking for houses to buy.

He first called over an 18-year-old student in Heaton, Newcastle, to ask where a road was and when she approached to try to help she was disgusted to see what he was doing.

He then drove to a residential street nearby and did the same thing to two sisters, the youngest of whom ran off screaming at what she saw.

Newcastle Crown Court heard both incidents happened on the morning of September 26 last year.

Martin, originally from the North East and who has family here but was living in London, was in the area of Chillingham Road around 11.30am when he first struck.

An 18-year-old who recently moved to the North East to study was walking when Martin stopped her and asked for directions to Heaton Park Road.

Christopher Rose, prosecuting, said: “She was going to look at her phone and when she got to the vehicle she saw his penis was exposed and he was masturbating.

“She described giving a disgusted sigh and walking off.”

In a victim impact statement, she said: “It made me feel incredibly upset and regretful about moving away from family support.”

Mr Rose added: “She found what he did to be obscene and disgusting. She rang her mother and cried as soon as she was away.”

Half an hour later, Martin drove his small red car to a residential back lane in Heaton, which was covered by CCTV.

He was seen to drive slowly along then stop and reverse back a short distance. After stopping, he lowered his trousers.

The two young girls came from the direction Martin reversed back from and as they passed his car he asked them, through the passenger window, where Heaton Park Road was. They then saw he was carrying out a sex act.

Mr Rose said: “(The older girl) was scared he might get out and chase them and thought afterwards he might turn up at her school.

“(The younger girl) said as she passed the car the defendant said ‘can I have a moment with you’. She replied no.

“She ran home screaming because, she said, he was doing some dirty business which she didn’t like.”

One girl’s mother said in a victim impact statement: “I would like it to be known both of my children were left extremely distressed.

“They have never been exposed to nudity and this left both of them confused and scared. This should never have been the way either of them experienced male nudity such as this for the first time.

“It made real a mother’s worst fears in terms of a stranger calling your children over to their car for a sick purpose.”

She added “(The youngest) thought he was there to collect her and take her away from me and that she would not see me again. No child should ever be made to feel that way. She had many sleepless nights.

“(The oldest) was also really distressed. She thought she was being chased and that the person knew where she lived.

“It made her upset and scared to go to school because she feared he would be waiting there.

“We had nearly a year of them not wanting to do the things they usually enjoy because they were so scared a man in a red car was going to try to take them or do things to them.

“I’m so angry this person has made them feel this way.

“I live in constant turmoil about what he meant and what his plan was and how close I came to losing her if he acted any further than he did on his very sick urges.”

Martin was traced by his car registration plate and arrested.

He initially claimed he was trying to “relieve himself” and frantically covered up when he saw the children near his car but went on to make full admissions.

Martin pleaded guilty to exposure and two counts of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child and was sentenced to 23 months suspended for two years with 150 hours unpaid work, a sex offenders treatment programme and a £500 fine. He will also be on the sex offenders register for ten years and must pay the victims compensation – £1,000 to each child and £300 to the teenager.

Judge Sarah Mallet told him: “Both children were extremely upset.

“They were terrified, confused and scared.

“You have brought shame on yourself and your family.”

The 32-year-old has a caution for outraging public decency in 2015 when he carried out a sex act while standing at a window on a busy street.

The court heard Martin, of Marville Road, Fulham, London, owns properties in Tyne and Wear and has family in Northumberland.