July 2021

Pervert who worked at Sheffield Children’s Hospital caught with indecent images of youngsters

A pervert who worked at Sheffield Children’s Hospital was caught with 388 indecent images of youngsters on his laptop and mobile phone.

Sheffield Crown Court heard on July 5 how Phillip Gill was caught with indecent still and moving images of children including those in categories A, B and C, with A being the most serious.

Meghan Rhys, prosecuting, said: “Police officers attended the home address of the defendant and executed a search warrant and the defendant was not present but a number of electronic devices were seized including a computer laptop from his bedroom.”

Gill, aged 30, formerly of Wybourn House Road, near Park Hill, Sheffield, was arrested at work at Sheffield Children’s Hospital under suspicion of being in possession of indecent images, according to Ms Rhys.

Ms Rhys added that indecent images were found on the laptop from Gill’s bedroom and on his mobile phone recovered from his work locker.

Gill pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent images including: 34 category A still images and 43 category A moving images; 46 category B still images and six category B moving images; and 236 category C still images and 23 category C moving images.

Judge Dixon told Gill: “For every one of the girls and boys in those images there is a child that was abused.”

He sentenced Gill to 10 months of custody suspended for two years, with a rehabilitation requirement.

Gill was placed on a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for eight years.

Judge Dixon warned if Gill breaches his suspended sentence or commits another offence he will go to prison.