July 2021

Scots beast snared by paedo hunters after he turned up at Asda store to meet schoolgirl

A pervert was snared by paedophile hunters after he turned up at a supermarket to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex.

Steven Penman, 52, asked the youngster – who was actually an adult decoy posing as a schoolgirl called “Jessie” – if he could be her boyfriend.

The beast was caged for a year after he pleaded guilty to sending sexual pictures and communications to an individual he believed to be a child.

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard how the decoy was contacted by Penman on around June 14 last year.

He called her “gorgeous”, and replied that it was okay when she repeatedly told him she was aged just 13.

Penman sent the decoy a pic of his erect decoy, said he wanted to perform oral sex on her, and suggested she perform a sex act on herself.

Prosecutor Mrs Alex Kirk said: “He requested a photograph of Jessie, and he was sent an image which clearly shows an extremely young dark-haired female.

“He questioned her about wearing tights for him and asked her if she wanted him as a boyfriend.

“He asked her, ‘have you ever touched a boy’s private parts’, ‘have you got small or big breasts?’ and ‘can I see you in your bra?'”

He arranged to meet her at an Asda in Stenhousemuir, but was instead confronted by paedo hunters from organisation “Hope – Hunting Online Predators Everyday.

They told Penman he would not be meeting “Jessie” and live-streamed the confrontation on Facebook before contacting cops who arrested him.

Sheriff William Gilchrist jailed Penman for 12 months, with an extension of two years during which he can be recalled to prison if he offends again.

The sheriff said: “Arranging to meet someone you believed to be 13 with a view to engaging in unlawful sexual activity is a very serious charge and one which in my view attracts a custodial sentence.”

Penman showed no emotion as he was led below to the cells.