July 2021

Perv asked paedo hunter posing as girl if she slept in silk pyjamas or naked

A north-east pervert asked what he thought was an underage girl whether she would meet him for sex.

Aaron McIntyre was caught in August 2020 while messaging a fake Facebook account created by an adult member of a paedophile hunter group posing as a 15-year-old called Kasey-Anne.

He was seen to repeatedly ask the girl to engage in sexual activity and send him pictures of herself.

The 39-year-old also quizzed the child about whether she liked to sleep in “silk pyjamas or naked”.

McIntyre pleaded guilty at Aberdeen Sheriff Court to repeatedly message what he believed to be a child and of sending sexually explicit remarks, alongside attempting to induce the girl into meeting him and to send indecent images.

Fiscal Depute Victoria Kerr told the court: “On August 4 2020 a friend request was received from a male, the accused, to the account posing as Kasey-Anne.

“The creator accepted the friend request and immediately received a message from the accused.

“He replied to this message again posing as a 15-year-old girl and further conversation took place.

“The accused then sent messages to Kasey-Anne making reference to how she preferred to sleep – asking ‘do you like silk pyjamas, or cotton or do you prefer to sleep naked?’

“He then further asked ‘what are you wearing now? Pyjamas, underwear or nothing at all?’”

Ms Kerr said McIntyre had then went on to encourage the 15-year-old to meet up with him, stating that “it would just be between us”.

The court also heard how McIntyre described graphic sexual fantasies he wanted to carry out with the girl across repeated massages to the Facebook account.

He also asked the girl whether she would sleep with him despite the clear age difference between them.

Ms Kerr said: “He asked if she was free during the day and if they could meet up.

“As the conversation developed the accused sent further sexualised messages, stating ‘you’re so hot’, ‘you’re turning me on’ and ‘I shouldn’t be thinking what I am’.

Sheriff Donald Ferguson deferred sentence for McIntyre, of Balnagask Avenue, Aberdeen, in order for a criminal justice social work report and a restriction of liberty assessment to be carried out.

He also placed the 39-year-old on the sex offenders register.