July 2021

Paedophile lured girls to his house with promise of meeting his kittens

A paedophile took his clothes off in front of two young girls who had come to see his kittens, a court heard.

Bernard Brown, 69, told police one of the girls, aged six, had asked him to remove his pants and had then touched him.

At Bolton Crown Court, Roger Brown, prosecuting, said the offences came to light after one of the girls told a teacher she had “gone to a man’s house to see his kittens and he took his clothes off”.

Police became involved and visited Brown at his home in Ena Crescent, Leigh, where they seized of mobile phones and a camera.

Interviewed later, Brown said he had been very drunk when the two girls, who had been playing in his living room, locked him in the kitchen.

After managing to escape he had gone into the living room where the six-year-old had asked him to take his top and underwear off.

He admitted he had been naked in front of the two girls and one of them had touched him intimately.

The prosecutor added: “He went on to say he had concerns about how children had were provided with sex education and that was the reason why he had in his possession two books of a sexual nature.”

Officers found four indecent images on the camera and Brown told them the girls had been taking pictures of themselves while they were alone.

Passing sentence on Brown, who pleaded guilty to possessing indecent photographs of children and causing or inciting a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity, Recorder Ciaran Rankin said he felt “constraints” put on the pensioner could allow him from drawing back from a prison sentence.

“These young girls were in your front room undoubtedly having been induced to visit you because of the kittens and that is of concern,” he said.

“Worryingly you have suggested that they took the lead with these offences.

“The pre-sentence report has concerns about your attitude towards young children, not least because of the literature that was found in your house and while you have not been charged with grooming, the use of these pets could be considered by some as grooming.”

He imposed a 36-month community order with a requirement to complete 60 days of a rehabilitation activity requirement.

“In my view this is a package that will ensure you will get the required professional advice and direction you need to overcome issues that may be lurking in the background,” he added.