Paedophile, 22, jailed for breaching court orders and having indecent images


A paedophile who has been before the courts three times since 2017 for downloading sick child sex abuse images was jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Jailing Baris Gumus, 22, at Oxford Crown Court, Judge Nigel Daly described the images in the Abingdon man’s vile collection as being of the ‘most disgraceful and disgusting nature’.

The court heard Gumus, who was made subject to sexual harm prevention orders in 2017 and 2019, had failed to register a new Dell laptop with his police offender manager.

The computer also had VPN software installed on it aimed at hiding his activities.

Police analysts also found him in possession of more indecent images and videos of children, explicit cartoons depicting children and extreme pornography showing women having sex with animals.

Evidence found on his devices showed he’d been in touch with other paedophiles; in one conversation discussing that a child in an image appeared to have been drugged.

Judge Daly told the man, who sat sobbing in the dock: “I’m dealing with you for breaches of a sexual harm prevention order in a number of different ways relating to a computer and class A [indecent] images of the most disgraceful and disgusting nature which quite clearly when they were made were causing pain, injury to young children, one of them a baby.

“There are less serious images I also have to deal with. There are moving images as well as still images. I’ve also got to deal with you for being in possession of prohibited images, those being as I understand it some form of cartoons and also I have to deal with you for possession of extreme pornographic images which involve women performing intercourse with animals.

“You have been dealt with in the past for this sort of offending. You have breached orders that have been made against you in the past and you continue to [possess] these images.

“You tried to cover it up by putting an anonymising software on to your computer but of course in the end that simply doesn’t work.

“There are a huge number of aggravating features in this case; probably the most aggravating are the previous convictions. You continually fail to comply with court orders.

“It is difficult to find mitigating factors that are available to you other than your pleas of guilty.”

Gumus, of Parsons Mead, Abingdon, admitted breaching a suspended sentence order, making indecent images and possession of prohibited images of children and extreme pornographic images.

He was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order for life. He will remain on the sex offender’s register for the rest of his life.