August 2021

Monster dad, 33, who killed his three-month-old baby jailed for 13 years

Miley was today jailed for 13 years after being found guilty of his daughters manslaughter


A monster dad who killed his three-month-old baby girl has been jailed for 13 years yesterday for her manslaughter.

Anthony Miley claimed that he had no idea how little Ivi Miley got her catastrophic injuries, but a jury found him guilty of causing her death

Evidence from the medical experts in this case showed that Ivi had sustained a total of 53 rib fractures – all of which had occurred within four separate time frames and three closely positioned skull fractures which had been caused less than two days before her death.

33-year-old Miley was jailed at Chester Crown court following a three week trial, after telling the jury previously that his daughter just went “floppy”.

Ivi’s mother Stephanie Shore, 33, was acquitted of murder and she was found her not guilty of allowing Ivi’s death on July 23 2020.

The court heard how the tot had  woken up at around 3.20am on July 22 last year and Miley went downstairs to feed her.

Miley described how he fell asleep for an unknown amount of time before waking and trying to feed Ivi, claiming that she had a few mouthfuls of milk before turning “floppy”.

He then claimed he asked Shore for help, and she told the court shortly before 5am Miley woke her to tell her something was wrong with Ivi so she went to check on her and dialled 999 after finding their daughter unresponsive.

Emergency services attended the address  and rushed Ivi to Macclesfield General Hospital, where  she was then transferred to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and placed in intensive care. 

The three-month-old had bleeding on both sides of her brain, a serious fracture on the back of her head and both old and new fractures to her ribs. 

Neither parent could explain how their daughter sustained such catastrophic injuries and both were subsequently arrested and charged with murder and causing or allowing the death of a child.

Miley, from Macclesfield, was sentenced to 13 years in jail today after being found guilty of her manslaughter.